Hair Cream Bath

Treatment for hair and scalp


Hair Cream Bath

This organic hair cream bath is created specifically to give you little moments of peace in your day. Discover the benefits of key ingredients like kukui and baobab oil, that nourish your hair and scalp and stimulate hair growth. Combine our all natural hair product with your morning meditation, your mindfulness exercises or your gratitude practices and take a moment for yourself in a busy day.


Our Story

With our holistic approach and natural beauty products, we’ll take you along on a journey of self love and care. Find your inner peace whilst using our luxurious natural hair masks, or use our natural hair food to help you meditate. Our products are here to guide you in taking care of your body, mind and soul. Because we believe that a healthy mind is the basis for a healthy body and a happy life. Join our community and discover how a holistic approach can change your life and help you rediscover yourself.


Nourish Your Hair, Nourish Your Soul


The importance of natural haircare

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